Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plum Plum Pickers

In "Plum Plum Pickers" by Raymand Barrio, he suggests that when you work hard for something, never let anyone take it frome you by haveing Manuel refuse to give Morales two cents. Even though two sents isn't a lot they still worked hard to get their money and no one should just take it from them. The story demonstrated some literary techniques, pride, happiness, and honesty.
       The author uses many literary techniques in the story. He uses metaphor when he says, "...just like the blackest bars on the jails of hell." He uses the metaphor to demonstrate how trapped he felt, locked in a "cage" in hell. He also uses repitition to get his point across, because if something is repeated it is supposed to make the reader feel a connection to what is being said, he also uses imagery to connect the reader to the story, "... He was trapped in an endless maze of apricot trees, as though forever, neat rows of them..." The quote gives a clear image that ther are several apricot trees and he jus feels trapped between them. He uses a lot of tone to give off exactly what he is feeling at the moment. Lastly, he uses allusion. When he says, "... drank the holy water..." it is clear he is talking about a baptism. Barrio uses great literary techniqyes, but also shows pride too.
       Sometime pride isn't always a good thing, but in the story Manuel's pride is very good. Manuel is a hard-working man, slaves in the hot sun to get the job done and to make money. When Morales comes and tries to take two cents from every bucket, Manuel was the only one who spoke up. Even though it was only two cents and pretty much nothing, Manuel saw it as someone trying to take what he worked hard for. Manuel took a stand and kicked his bucket of fruits over, and his actions provoked the others to do the same, but Morales gave in. Manuel's pride in this story was a very effective thing, along with his happiness.
       Manuel definitely deserved to be happy with himself at the end of the story. Morales tried to take something that was rightfully Manuel's, so he took a stand, and also encouraged the other workers to do the same. By all of them taking a stand, Morales finally saiid, "All right. All right, men. I shall take nothing this time." Making Morales back down, Manuel felt very good and happy with himself. "Manuel felt a thrill of power course through his nerves." He felt powerful for not letting Morales take from him, or anyone else, which goes to show that honesty is very important as well.
       Honesty is one of the most important factors in life, and Barrio shows it in his story. Morales lied to the men and said he wouldn't take anything from them. "You promised to take nothing!" Manuel heard himself saying." Morales replied with, "I said two cents, hombre. You got a problem or what?" Morales was not honest with the guys and tried to just take from them what was theirs. If Morales was honest from the start and really said that he was going to take the two cents from the beginning, the men wouldn't have put up a fight. In result of him not being honest, and trying to do something against his word, the menwould not put up with it. Instead, for Morales lying, he had all these men taking a stand against him, and making him take back his word, and they all got what they wanted in the first place. Being honest can get yu very far in life.
       The story " Plum Plum Pickers" by Raymand Barrio teaches a good life lesson through his story of literary techniques, pride, happiness, and honesty. He teaches never give someone something that is rightfully yours. Also, stand up for yourself or peope will walk all over you. The story was an interesting way to teach an important life lesson.

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