Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red Shift

           In the poem Red Shift, the suthor Ted Berrigan suggests that he has many emotions by the tone of the poem. He gets his point across by changing his tone. The poem means means he has some sort of anger, depression, and even some curiosity.
           In lines one through twelve, he seems depressed. It is a cold February day and nhe is just sitting around drinking "poison liquid air which bubbles" which is referring to alcohol. Also, the way he says,"... and smoke to have character" in line five, reminds me if a mellow person that cannot have any type of emotion without smoking. "The streets look for Allen, Frank, or me, Allen is a movie, Frank disappearing in the air..." gives the impression that he is walking alone. Allen is gone, Frank disappeared, and now the streets can only "look" for him.
           In lines thirteen through twenty-eight, his mood lightens up , then seems to shift to anger. At first, he started talking about, "Love, children, hundreds of them, money, marriage-ethics, a politics of grace..." (line 15-16), which is all happy things. But then he goes on to talk about "Up in the air, swirling, burning even..."(line 17), which is where it turns dark.

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