Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College Essay

           My whole life money has been an issue in my family. My parents both finished high school, but never made it to college, so jobs never came easy to them. I remember the one thing I've always wanted was to get my lisence because I felt like I would have more freedom. Driving school is a lot of money, and my parents didnt have the money to pay for it, so my friend's father paid half, and my older sister paid the other half. But, with money being an issue, I've learned to work with whatever I get, and never take anything for granted. With money always being an issue, im devoted on going to college and being a nurse, my dream since I was a little girl. I don’t want money to be a struggle in my life.
           Ever since middle school, math has been my favorite subject. I never knew much about chemistry until my junior year of high school and I really enjoyed it. I also really enjoy taking spanish, I’ve taken it since middle school,and all four years and high school. I chose to take anatomy my senior year because the human body is really interesting to me, and it will bring me more knowledge and a step closer to being a nurse.
           Diversity is also very important to me. As a little girl , I remember the other kids constantly asking me, “ How does it feel to be half black and half white?” I dreaded this question. It always made me feel like I didn’t fit in because I wasn’t just one race. Many of the kids also called me a “half-breed” which hurt me even more, because it made me feel like “half” a person. Another thing I had to go through was constant questions about my older sister. My mom has three kids, my older sister is full white with a different father than my younger sister and I. When I was younger, I remember crying to my older sister, and my parents saying, "Why aren't we normal? Why is Ashley a different color than me? Is Ashley even my real sister?" I was too young to even understand the concept of what was going on. I always got asked, “Is that your older sister, why is she white and your not?” I also got told, “ That is not your older sister!” I used to get really upset because color never mattered in my household. Even though she wasn’t technically my full sister, she was my full sister by heart, and that is all that mattered to me.
           Considering in the past when slavery , the Halocaust, racism, and all the prejudice issues that went on makes diversity even more inmportant. I can’t even imagine going to a school with one race of people, one religion or gender. Diversity brings knowledge other than just education, and it gives me an opportunity to learn something new from a person who is so much different than me. It also gives me a better opportunity to relate to people.

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